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A little bit about me…
Paulyn is a 200-hr certified yoga instructor and uses mindful and playful sequences to allow students to move on their own terms. Her main focus throughout class isn't necessarily on the poses, but rather on how to move fluidly between them. This allows her students to explore their own strength, balance, coordination and endurance - all things that we can use in our everyday lives.

She has been working with Reiki since 2014 and now offers Reiki training in various locations in San Jose, CA. Further information can be found under the Reiki “Training” & “Registration” tabs.

Lazuli Yoga is inspired by the gemstone Lapis Lazuli and its deep blue color which I see as symbolic for wakefulness (i.e. it’s the wavelength of blue light that triggers our brains to be awake, alert, and aware). Lapis Lazuli symbolizes many things. It can be crushed into powder to make ultramarine - a pigment used by artists to create works of art and clothing; its deep blue resembles the celestial night sky-connecting us to universes outside of ourselves; and it's been said to symbolize wisdom and truth. To me, it ultimately alludes to awareness of self, which I believe is the highest form of wisdom. If you understand your own habits, strengths, and weaknesses, perhaps you'll have a better chance of understanding others… in both pleasant conversations and uncomfortable confrontations. When we understand ourselves, we are better able to make peace with our own tendencies, with people who may walk a different path from us, and with the world in general. True peace and understanding in the world can be achieved, but it must begin from a place within you.